So in true TR webpage style, this dragon actually died back on April 17th, but our forward march into Tier 3 has been going well -- still have more updates in the queue.  Hoshkar has fallen a couple of times and it was great to be back to killing dragons again!  After the nightmare of finishing off Tier 2, this one was actually quite a treat.


More Updates to come!! We're coming down the home stretch!




If your sole reason to exist is to make other people's lives miserable, perhaps its time you give your head a shake and step away from the computer.

Tier 2 is Dead! Woot! Okay, that was a pretty big deal, so I'll say it again: TIER 2 IS DEAD! Woot!  But to get there, we had to get through two very formidable targets, Drusella's Vault and The Sathir Line.  For those that haven't heard (hah!), this one was a bit of a challenge, but after some serious revamping of our caster DPS we were able to rise to meet the hurdle and jump on over Drusella's Vault a mere 75 attempts later.  Yes, you read that right. 75.  From piles of bones, to more oozes then ya can shake a stick at, this one required a good deal of shaking our collective bacon, then in true vault fashion, proper intercepting and positioning of golems before going on to push it over.


After Drusella's Vault comes the next DPS check, The Sathir Line.  Honestly, once you've rigged to beat Drusella's Vault, this one is all about finding the proper balance of DPS on the available targets. 

Poor Kenur, he just couldn't take being MA one more second!  With spectres and skeletons, Venril, Rile and Drusella Sathir, its a veritible undead extravaganza.  Say it with me people, Damage on the adds is more important then damage on the names!  We were proud to add this fight to our extensive collection of server firsts, and move on with the process of finishing up our flags for Tier 3.  Now we have a little hard earned rest, then its on to Veeshan's Peak and dragons, dragons, dragons!



Calling all Wizards!  Do you like fast and furious loud walks in a crowded room while setting the whole world on fire?  Have a penchant for blowing up piles of bones and calling forth damage like no other?  If you are passionate about dishing out the damage, we're looking for you!  Find out more here, or send a tell in game to luclin.adetia, luclin.masonight or luclin.drizerker.  Will also consider high dps mage, enchanter or necromancer.

Well, we're almost a week in on Ring of Scale, and we've cleared the first two raids and marching onward towards both the holidays and gathering up more Tier 1 flags, while having a lot of fun navigating new content and dodging bugs and broken things. 


Despite a massive experience bug, the saviour bug, etc, we've been enjoying questing, gathering up new gear, and fighting new raids.  Server stability has been better then expected given the Luclin hamster trying to give it up on an almost daily basis prior to RoS launch.  Hopefully the patch to fix the rez bug, and then subsequent fixes will be coming soon for the Saviour/heroic problems. 

We're still looking for a cleric, a superstar shaman, and a beastlord, if any exist. ;)

We scored third serverwide on this big cactus dude, but Drowtoy was sad we did not have our matching cactus hats yet to complete the look.


Last night marked our first journey into Sathir's Tomb for RoS Tier 2 raiding.  We went in a little understaffed due to flagging, but we walked away big winners! ;) We're still doign our thing and having a great time rolling on to new targets, along with starting our guild hunter project, two zones down, and hundreds of achievements complete! 

Lately I seem to have a special knack for finding every nook, cranny, and hole to fall into.... and Bid is always there to capture it forever! ;)

Its been a long time since I've been here with a content update, I kept meaning to do it, but we had a long winter with a few of our members passing away in real life, and it just took the wind out of my sails in terms of updating the website and bumping their honorariums off the front page, but its time. 

We finished EoK some time ago (many months ago to be honest), and truthfully it was a good expansion cycle for us.  The farm has worn on now for awhile, and its basically just passing the time and cleaning up a few special achievements we have remaining, going back and clearing up TBM Vanquishers for new members, that type of thing that keeps us busy.  From finishing our hunter series, spending time in Sebilis during HH2017 (oi, that raid tho), and working like a bunch of whirling dervishes on powering up our Artisan Prize augments, we are finding quite a few projects to keep busy with while passing the time. 

As we look towards next expansion, we stand at the ready, but we are always on the hunt for high playtime applicants who are passionate about playing EverQuest!  We are particularly looking for an amazeballs rockstar shaman, as well as a high dps monk or berserker.